Firstly, you will need an open heart. So, OPEN YOUR HEART. The more you are
able, the deeper you go and the better it gets. Depth and passion are symbiotic.


If you won’t open your heart because you’re afraid of
attachment – stop… that’s a good place to start to think about what
attachment means to you. Is it loss of freedom, loss of yourself, or becoming
dependent on others, perhaps? If this is the case, you’ll need to learn to
become your own true love, your own best friend, mother, father, daughter, son,
sister, brother, etc. – this takes the pressure off everybody else in your life
to fulfil a need in you, which is what creates attachments in the first place.
You create them because you are archetypally incomplete. Learn to be in a
committed relationship with all aspects of yourself – make that commitment to
your own completeness.

When we honestly take a look at how we feel about
relationships, it oftentimes reveals a fear of intimacy or ‘into-me-you-see’ on
some level – emotional, spiritual or physical. Fear of others seeing ‘who we
really are’ prevents us from being it. Do you feel that you deserve to be
loved? Can you give and receive love with no conditions or expectations? Are
you willing to recognise and accept how divine you are; to step into your power
and take responsibility for co-creating the world as you know it?

Being deep does not mean being ‘serious’. It’s about being
and sharing your true Self IN THE MOMENT as far as you are able. A deep
connection with another develops when you’re free to ‘be’ and ‘do’ and ‘say’
whatever you feel moved to ‘be’ and ‘do’ and ‘say’ at any of these given
moments. Being deep requires that you trust yourself, your intuition and
feelings; break all the rules and
‘wing it’ – let go of the riverbank and let the current take you downstream
with the grace of a swan. As I said, the more you are able, the deeper you go
and the better it gets. As you go deeper, the challenge is not to slip into
attachment when new layers of reflections (positive or negative) emerge for you
to look at (and they will). If at any point you feel like you’re becoming
attached, step back, visualise cutting the ties that bind and take some time to
re-connect with, balance and centre your Self. Nature will help you, if you ask.

The most important trip you will ever make is the voyage to
the soul’s centre; it’s the most beautiful location in the world To Build a Home, yet
ever so many people have never been there and maybe never will. It’s not an easy
journey and there’s no going back. I’m not there myself yet but, from what I’ve
seen of it so far, it’s well worth taking that risk. Live dangerously and your experience
and appreciation of the profundity of life, the universe and everything will
increase exponentially… I promise.

~ Karen