I dedicate my life to being all that I can be – to ‘following
my bliss’. This includes doing and developing the skills and talents I have to
the fullest and, more often than not, involves taking risks or ‘Living
Dangerously’. There is a chance that it could turn out very badly for me. I
could lose everything.

I don’t think I’m being melodramatic. I haven’t got the money to
pay last month’s rent, let alone the month that is due in a few days. (Some of
you reading this might be thinking, “Get
a job”
. Here’s the thing…)

I write books. I am currently writing one now… my third,
in fact. This takes a lot of time, focus and energy, is a lot more glamorous than it sounds and doesn’t pay at all well, but I do it because I love
doing it. I have learned in life that I usually do a pretty good job of things, when it comes to doing what
I enjoy. My dad once told me, “Do what
you want, as long as it makes you happy”
. Hence I’ve always done pretty
much what I love to do through self-employment.

After leaving college the first thing I did, aged 20,
was set up a screen-printing business (called ‘Pixieprint’ in Walcot St., Bath). Four years later, I’d had enough
of putting so much energy into something with it not financially working out. I
have since focused my attentions on music and songwriting, designing cards, making
crafts, raising children, writing books, making more music, organising ARC
Conventions… and often doing most of
the above at once.

Speaking of the ARC Convention – this year’s ARC is due to
take place on the 3rd and 4th March… in a little over
two weeks. I currently face the difficult situation of deciding whether or not
to cancel an event I am both hugely excited about and have put a lot of time/energy
into organising. This is because not enough people have bought tickets. Huge thanks
to every one of you so far who have, but more people need to pledge their
support if I am to break even. This is an important event that I feel makes a
difference in the world. This is my contribution to consciousness… I put my
time, energy, love, sweat, tears… my all into finding brilliant speakers; for
us all to share knowledge and inspire one another, make friendships, laugh and
enjoy a community of conscious souls.




I know that times are hard for many of us at the moment. Why
is this? What is stopping us from having the free will to do exactly what we
want to do in life at any given moment? Is it simply that it’s usually down to
lack of funds?

I am contemplating this on deep levels. What is the point of
my life if not to do what gives me joy? I know that the answer to that is that
I am here to experience. Maybe that
is all and some of us have ‘drawn the short straw’ to greater and lesser
degrees. Don’t assume I’m not thankful for all the good in my life – and there
is SO much and I’m thankful every day for that. It could be worse, but I refuse
to adopt the ever-so-British tradition of the ‘stiff upper-lip’… mine is
quivering and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

So by Monday, folks… will there be an ARC in 2012? I will
lose money by cancelling now, but not as much as I would do by going ahead with
this and not enough people turning up.

Until then, please do all you can to support ARC by
buying a ticket and spreading the word. It will make a difference.

Share the info on Twitter using tag #ARC2012, share the YouTube video below, or the event web page where you can find out all you need to know and buy tickets: www.arcconvention.org/ARC2012.html

Many thanks in advance,