Just been for a walk with the dogs while there was a break
in the rain, not expecting much as it’s a ‘rather ordinary’ wet day today. I
wish that I could truly ‘Share’ this post… not just this image you see on-screen,
but to truly imbibe it as I did that moment; the fragrant smells after rain,
the breeze on my skin, and the blackbird leading such a pure clear melody…
his song ringing joyfully through the valley with other birds in chorus. Though
every day I appreciate how lucky I am to live here, in that moment I felt moved
at the grandeur of my wild and beautiful surroundings so profoundly that it was
like a little explosion happened inside me.

This is what I call a Deepening –
in myself, my relationship with nature, and Muse – one that I haven’t
experienced this intensely for quite some time. These moments always come out
of the blue when I least expect them to… there’s no telling where or when
they will strike. Sometimes people visit ‘very special places’ that have moved
others in similarly profound ways with the hope of this Happening to themselves,
but it cannot be manipulated or coerced out of time; it just happens when it’s
meant. Every time this has ever happened to me, I hadn’t been doing anything in
particular beforehand – no special ritual or invocation necessary. Best just
get on with what you’re doing right now and just know that one day that it will happen to you if you are open, without expectation… probably when you least expect it.

On this particular occasion I had walked up to the cromlech
just 500 yards from my house with a flask of tea, sat on a rock and wondered (for
the billionth time) what on earth had happened here… what did it look like when
it was built and who used it? It’s a mystery that I may never truly comprehend
even if I knew the truth; modern man is further away from the natural world in
its pure state than he has ever been in recorded history because of his mind.


The dogs were chasing around in circles, like they always do
there (see above video), while I pondered on the possible vortex-like energy of the place. I
myself had been ‘spinning’ there the previous day and it suddenly struck me that I am ALWAYS spinning… I later found out at just over
1000 mph – whilst orbiting the sun at about 67,000 mph and moving with our galaxy as it drifts through intergalactic

Still musing, I descended the hill and crossed Pont Dolwilym – the bridge over the river Taf – and called the dogs to me. That was when ‘it’ happened, the Deepening. With tears in my eyes, I
told the dogs that they’ve hit the jackpot to be living here… “We all have”, I said aloud.

~ Karen 🙂